Farrera, Catalunya Artist-in-Residence Program

加泰隆尼亞, 法爾雷拉藝術駐村計畫 Dec.4-Jan.5, 2017

Moss Portrait


Rain dissolve the white on surface, the mountains, trees, grasses, wood, mosses, in naked, soft rebreath, that’s my hometown’s color all the time staying around, after covered by snow, found that I never cherished it as now I am. under the extreme silent place, hearing and seeing become clear. being as human, trying to learn from the insignificant existences; from the moss catches on the top without real root, no soil could serve them water and nutrition, relatively harmless, overlooked easily, less light; from the state of tangle which not intend to snatch away from others. its teach you be low desire life, only use when you need.




* 'Unique substance sensibility': used paper (dirty, old, damaged), clay (poop, fertilizer, impurities,  impure), moss (indoor, leakage, less light, outdoor, shady, shadow, shading), wrinkle (human, old, stone seam, uncut plant and tree)